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Finding Jesus

Finding Jesus

A Devotional to Help Break the Bonds of Addiction Through Fastiing


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You’re addicted.

Face that about yourself. There’s a mathematical certainty that most people reading this are addicted to something. It is just as much a certainty that you enjoy your addiction and/or feel you can quit anytime, even though it may be destroying you and those around you.

Your addiction may be substances, gambling, sex, or work. It may also be the “less talked about” addictions such as TV, video games, and social media. These lesser-talked-about addictions are often just as dangerous as a drug or alcohol problem because they are insidious in nature and often not considered issues.

Author Christopher Ozbirn has a story you need to hear. Not only does he share how he conquered his addiction, which he labels idolatry, but he shows you the way out. Finding Jesus is a 21-day devotional designed to help people recognize an area of addiction in their life and take measured steps to break free from the bonds of idolatry. Focusing on entertainment-related addictions, the devotional is a combination Bible study, prayer guide, and self-reflection tool that you can use, along with a period of fasting, to help you learn to move beyond your addiction through a personal relationship with Jesus.

If you don’t know Jesus, this book will show you how to establish and maintain that relationship. If you know Jesus, this powerful devotional will help you rededicate your life and strengthen your bond with Jesus through daily Bible reading, prayer, and self-reflection.

There is life beyond addictions. Begin your new life here with this book.

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